Our Fees and FAQs

The early years of a child's life are the building blocks for the future.  So that every child has the very best start in life we passionately believe that staff should be of a high calibre and increasingly well rewarded.

There is a mine field of information out there on ways to pay for childcare.  To save you time we have made a list:

  • Childcare Tax Credits
  • Tax Free Childcare - a government backed scheme
  • Voucher Payments - via your employer
  • Government Funding for 3 & 4 year olds
  • Siblings Discounts are 10% part time and 15% if full time off of the second and subsequent children

There is a website that can support you with this, childcare choices. Follow the link below to learn more about available options.

 Childcare Choices 

What will you do to settle my child into nursery?

At Little Angels we understand that this process can be overwhelming for both the child and the parents so we work very hard on getting this right from the beginning. The process is all free of charge and totally tailored to each individual child’s needs. Some children settle quickly, others take some time. Our primary goal is for your child to feel that nursery is a positive place and that you will come back! We will walk you through our process when you visit the nursery and it can be tweaked to suit your child’s needs.

How do you deal with allergies?

Allergies are documented from the outset in the enrolment process and filtered to all the dedicated child care specialists and wider team. We have a specific Allergy Policy which highlights the rigour and procedure we execute. We work closely with parents to keep this vital information up to date.

Do you have outside space?

In 2011 we updated our outside area from just AstroTurf to what you see today. This summer we removed the pirate ship to make more space to build and explore. Our mud kitchen is very popular with the children as is the den making area. We play outside in all sorts of weather, so lots of appropriate clothing is essential.

Do you take the children for outings?

Our children and practitioners love to explore the area we live in and love to get out and about. Wearing our high visibility vests, we often head off on all sorts of adventures from walks in the park, to visits to the market and library. Our enrolment forms cover consent for local outings, however trips further afield require additional parental consent.






Reserve A Space For Your Child

To reserve your Childs space please complete an enrolment form and make payment of the registration fee which is currently £50.

This secures your child’s place.  We will confirm places once we have received payment.  However, if we place your child on a waiting list we will not take the registration fee until we can offer you a space.

Your child will receive their Little Angels enrolment bag which includes a t-shirt that can be worn at nursery to protect clothes!  More clothing including logo hoodies are available at cost prices.  Wearing the t-shirts does give the children a great sense of belonging and pride.

 Print Enrolment Form 


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